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Supra Research and Development confirms that it has signed a termination agreement ending the joint venture with THC Biomed Int'l Ltd.

Supra R&D is first and foremost an analytical solution provider. We are here to make analytical chemistry work for you, to improve all of the aspects within your company that can be improved by chemical analysis.

We offer a range of analytical services, just like other commercial labs; however, this is only part of what we do and so we do not need to make large profit margins on this work. We also help companies set up and operate their own QA/QC labs. We have a cost-effective LIMS solution and we can help you choose and purchase the correct instruments and set up the methodologies you need. We can train your staff and provide you with effective lab management solutions. Finally, we can offer you cost effective research and development solutions and manage all aspects of your R&D needs.

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